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Le Serey

Cloisonné + Pearl - Blue

Cloisonné + Pearl - Blue

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Customize your style!

Looking to add a unique touch to your everyday hoop earrings? Look no further than our handmade charms! Designed to pair perfectly with our hoops, these charms allow you to create a completely custom look that's all your own. Plus, with a variety of charms to choose from, you can mix and match to create a different look every day. Shop our collection today and elevate your earring game to the next level!

Each Charm set is handmade in our studio in small batches. We lovingly hand stamp our logo on each piece to guarantee authenticity.

Gold: 14k heavy gold plate (1 micron gold plating for durability)

About Cloisonné:

Our Cloisonné is made by artisans in Beijing who have been perfecting their art for generations. Dating back to the 13th Century, the ancient art of Cloisonné was some of the first to be exported from East to West among French and Chinese traders. Each bead takes approximately four hours to make from start to finish, as artisans solder copper wires to the surface of each bead and then carefully add enamel color to the surface. After color is applied, each piece is placed in a kiln where the fire reveals intricate designs and patterns. To finish, artisans carefully polish each piece to create a smooth surface, resulting in a truly unique and handcrafted piece of jewelry!

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